Sprite Born Creative

A pitch to make Sprite synonymous with creativity 


It is a proven notion that man is born with a curiosity, desire and ability to create. But it is also a fact that somewhere along the path of life, the majority of us loose or forget that lust for creation, we once possessed. Up till that point, Sprite was a brand having solely focused on making sports directed campaigns. We felt that it was selling the brand short, due to the much diverse reach and target audience of the brand. So by making Sprite synonymous with creativity and playfulness. – We turned turned the brand itself into a reminder of never to lose creativity, when life happens.


Sprite “Never Stop Creating” is a film focusing on the big collective expression of creativity that took place in New York in the beginning of the eighties: The birthing of the hip hop culture with it’s innovative take on painting, dancing and music. - A culture that has left it’s creative mark on all three art forms to this very day. The film became a 3 minutes testimony to an important period in our time which was, in all its simplicity, the essence of creation.


Being a pitch there were no results


Idea & Concept: Martin Nørgaard Furze
Art Director: Martin Nørgaard Furze