Berlingske Business
The Elevator Pitch

A newspaper creating the news instead of observing.


Berlingske is one of the biggest and oldest newspapers in Denmark. Their business section,  Berlingske business had lost their footing in recent years, lacking relevance and failing to connect with their now younger readers. They had become an outdated business reporter. Needing to tackle more current issues head on and from the roots instead of the overview that had been the norm prior. 


Instead of merely reporting about the world of business, we decided to help influence it from the inside. We selected 50 startups to come to the berlingske headquarters to present their idea in front of a panel consisting of Denmark's most prominent business inventors and mentors.

However there was one more challenge- the panel was sitting at the top floor, and in order to get in front of them, you had to pitch your idea in the elevator going up to the top floor. If your idea seemed like a viable success and of interest, you were allowed the full pitch in front of the panel, if the elevator pitch had failed however, you had to take the stairs down, without pitching your idea in full. The elevator pitches were live streamed on berlingske business site, so people in real time could follow the ups and downs of the event.


Each of the 10 winners have since the campaign grown into successful business’ , some expanding into multiple countries already and receiving backing in the millions. Subscriptions to the berlingske business subscriptions more than tripled and traffic was increased more than 500% during the campaign peak period.The campaign put berlingske back at the center of the business world. Instead of just reporting about it.


Idea & Concept: Martin Nørgaard Furze, Jesper Isholm, Mark Rif, Michael Rud
Art Director: Martin Nørgaard Furze, Jesper Isholm
Copywriter: Michael Rud
Agency: Subsero
Creative Director: Jesper Isholm
Production: Plotworks
Case Study: Martin Nørgaard Furze, Peer Vilmann