BoConcept The Moving Catalogue

Finding your design taste in a intuitive and playful way


BoConcept is a luxury furniture design firm and manufacture. Every year they release a catalogue featuring their newest designs and well known classics. This year, we aimed to create a piece of work that could show and tease their products in intuitive and playful way. Because we know that finding the style that is just right for you takes a lot of work. So why not have fun while doing it. A collaborative agency had already produced a film, where a dancer dra ws out outlines of furniture in an empty apartment. Our challenge was to find a way to make it interactive.


Fancy pictures alone wasn’t enough to win over potential costumers looking to add to or refurnish their living space. Which is why we set out to create a moving furniture catalogue. Taking the film produced by the collaborative agency, we created something to extend the film beyond its limits. We slowed time down to a crawl.

Every time the dancer would draw a piece of furniture, we would slow time down to 1:100, so that every time the user would mouse over the the dancer outlining say a chair, the corresponding piece would slide in from the right along with related pieces, letting you favourite them right then and there and shop them from the advert.
This created a much more engaging shopping experience and overall style exploration in the BoConcept catalogue, letting you find you personal style in a loose and playful manner.


The integrated campaign ran on the top of the BoConcept front page. Letting costumers dive right in without downloading or installing anything. This proved a welcomed initiative, leading to increased traffic on the bo concept site and and a following increase in sales.

Proving that even when it comes to costly furniture, engaging the consumer with play always leads to interest and involvement in the brand. Making the bo concept brand more accessible to a broader clientele.


Film Idea & Concept: &Co
Agency: &Co
Production: StoryRoom
Director: Emil Kahr
Digital Idea & Concept: Martin Nørgaard Furze
Art Director: Martin Nørgaard Furze, Jacob Karne
Creative Director: Jesper Isholm
Client Director: Brian Shöler
Agency: Subsero