Carlsberg BFF Beers For Friends

Strengthening friendship in a omni-platform campaign.


In todays hectic society, 75 percent of all Danes say they wish they saw their friends more often. Carlsberg has always been an essential part of friendship, and loves great friends. So we went on a mission to change the situation and create more time and occasions to hang out with your friends.


We wanted to create a campaign where we show how much true friends are willing to do for one another, when shit hits the fan. This way we get young danish men to truly experience how important true friends really are, and thereby inspiring them to meet more often. Together with tv2 zulu, A Danish Television Network, we created the Zulu BFF - best friends forever TV-show about how far best friends are willing to go for one another in a hidden camera prank set up. But the tv show was just one touch point in our friendship mission, we dug deeper and asked Danes questions about true friendship. We produced special cans that came out in 15 million copies, we had our dilemmas on beer labels, interactive banners, facebook posts and supported the message in the TVCs.


Our campaign reached 10,2 million people, that’s twice the population in Denmark, 59 % of the people who saw the show, saw it together with friends. 16 % thought more about friendship and 12 % wanted to be together with their friends more often. But most impressively, in a 1 % declining market, Carlsberg sales increased. 12 percent in the campaign period. Pretty good for a well established brand that is 167 years old.


Idea & Concept: Hello Monday, Jon Goetche, Martin Nørgaard Furze, John Volmer, TV2 Zulu
Art Director: Hello Monday, Jon Goetche, Martin Nørgaard Furze, John Volmer
Copywriter: John Volmer
Agency: Hello Monday, TV2 Zulu & Yellow
Creative Director: Jakob Bruun
Production: TV2 Zulu

Awards & Recognition

1X Creative Circle Award 2014 Shortlist