Emil De Waal Old News

Using old hits to promote the new


Everything that is new is exciting and fresh, but after a while, what was once new and front and center becomes old and sometimes even forgotten. When we were asked to create a campaign for a small jazz artist and his bands new record, which was solely a collection of classics reinterpreted in a new way, we felt there was something interesting to explore in the new VS. old concept. With a extremely limited budget and the wish to get the attention of the press and the premiere,
we needed a cost effective solution that would that still had the ability to create a buzz.


When you think of all the biggest hits in popular music, which titles come to mind? To many to name right of the top of the head right? To really promote old news as a concept, we sold the the album using the biggest classics ever as the cover. We went through secondhand shops, found old  album covers and hand painted over the new visuals. Just enough to avoid a lawsuit but still not enough for you not to recognise the cover of the old album. This way we created unique new covers out of otherwise old news.


We got the attention we were after all right. Mails flooded in, both in disgust and applauding the bold effort. The Old News album got picked up by the news outlets and jazz blogs we sought out, and made Emil de Waal and his band enjoy a big press roll out without breaking the bank.


Idea & Concept: Freja Ulla Krebs, Martin Nørgaard Furze, Katrine Winblad
Art Director: Freja Ulla Krebs, Martin Nørgaard Furze, Katrine Winblad
Creative Director: Simon Engstrøm
Agency: Se Lige Mig

Awards & Recognition

1X Creative Circle Award 2016 Winner Bronze