Frank Ocean Boys Don’t Cry Magazine

Illustrating Franks mind and Mattermorphosis


While working on his sophomore album Blonde, Frank pulled the plug on his home in Los Angeles and moved to London to get peace to create the much anticipated follow up to Channel Orange, which had cemented itself as a classic, and put Frank at the frontier of lyricist and songwriters of our generation. 

The move to England had influenced him on a deeper level, while on one hand getting much needed privacy to work, he also felt alone and stranded in a foreign country. This feeling of absence and longing for home would give birth to the thought of a teleportation device between his home in America and his newfound home in the UK. As conversations about this grew into an actual concept between Frank and artist and friend Kia Utzon Frank, Kia reached out to me and wanted me to build on top of her sketch, and together we crafted what would end up being the final illustration.


The term Mattermorphosis was constructed out of the word metamorphosis, as a way to move matter IE a person from one place to another. This was visualised as a chemistry set fusion turned teleportation device, with frank being beaming down in one country and appearing in another. The quickest way between Franks new homes was visualised with numerous clues to Franks private life in both countries. Finally the work was submitted to the Boys don't cry magazine.


Franks album and whole release ended up as a hallmark in the music industry’s labels vs artists ongoing struggle, and also as a certified classic in its own musical right. The hype, and the whole release campaign along with the limited accompanying magazine boys dont cry sold at various pop up shops in London, L.A., Tokyo and Paris became sought after collectors items. The album is still to this day in heavy rotation the world over, 3 years following its release.


Idea & Concept: Frank Ocean, Kia Utzon Frank, Martin Nørgaard Furze
Art Director: Martin Nørgaard Furze
Agency: No Sleep
Final Artist: Anders Martin, Martin Nørgaard Furze