Arsenal FC x Alexa

The world's smallest coupe.


Clothes makes the man, as Mark Twain so eloquently put it. To such an extent that - now more than ever before - fashion & apparel have become God. With the rise of such celebrities as Nicky Minaj and Lady Gaga who rely heavily on clothing and fashion to market themselves, the high-end clothing market has finally become almost synonymous with a religion. Thus a decision was made to say and do exactly that -  market the newly released Mon Dieu Mon Dieu as a religion.


Reveal the new Volvo Rider – a child's toy car found on the Volvo Accessories site – as if it were a new autonomous car concept.

The tongue-in-cheek film, released on social media, teases out the coupe in cinematic detail, replicating the premium design language of a real Volvo car launch. Signature Thor’s Hammer headlights emerge from the darkness, while considered close-up shots highlight each unique characteristic of the new car.Text plates throughout allude to the autonomous driving conversation, referring to a “Next Generation” and boldly claim “No Driving Licence Required”. The film resolves by revealing the toy coupe in all its glory.


The Volvo Rider featured in a number of automotive and technology publications, including The Drive and Jalopnik.

Within minutes of the film going live, the Volvo Accessories site was inundated with an unprecedented volume of social media traffic: up 7,795% from the previous year.