Hummel Pernfors It Takes Ball

A retro tennis superstar rebranded


Mikael Pernfors were amongst the early legends of Tennis in the 80s and 90s when the players were superstars and the sport was at its peak. Pernfors only played in his own shoes that he designed along with Hummel. Hummel being a very retro sports brand with a very down to earth persona, producing breathable sportswear and some on the best sneakers for tennis and running in the North. Pernfors himself was a character- Playing effortlessly, still championing some of the flashiest and best plays in tennis history. But there was a price to pay for the play. Although being in the Wimbledon finals twice and once in the us open final, he never won.


When we set out the rerelease the signature Pernfors tennis sneakers, we wanted to tell the story of the man himself. His dedication, and the sacrifices he made. We made a film that set the tone and gave a peak inside the man with the thousand swings and that under the amounts of pressure, that It takes balls to play like he did. That is for sure.


The shoes were launched on selected sneaker stores after having their debut in then premiere high end concept & fashion store Colette in Rue Honoré in Paris.


Idea & Concept: Martin Nørgaard Furze, John Volmer
Art Director: Martin Nørgaard Furze
Copywriter: John Volmer
Agency: Yellow,  No Sleep
Director: Martin Nørgaard Furze
Post Production: Martin Nørgaard Furze, Peer Vilmann