Kronenboug French Etiquette 

Manners printed right on the label.


The Kronenbourg brand is synonymous with class. The french are known for being well mannered. Of course it is only natural that Kronenbourg saw it natural to teach its patrons the essential etiquette of the french using only a bottle. 


Etiquette is the native word for the label. Every beer has a label. Kronenbourg therefore saw a connection with it’s french heritage of class and manners and use the label or etiquette to teach etiquette. This resulted in seven beer labels, each with a printed french etiquette tip and three ads that featured tips on how to behave in various situations any gentlemen would find himself in, when to arrive at a dinner party, how to kiss, how to act in public etc. Each ad took form of a color of the french flag, which also match the Kronenbourg signature colors.


By taking a very different approach to selling beers, and instead teach manners proved successful. Feedback rained in on our social media channels applauding our tactic to heighten the enjoyment of beer and being classy at the same time. Once again proving class is above anything.


Idea & Concept: Martin Nørgaard Furze, John Volmer
Art Director: Martin Nørgaard Furze
Copywriter: Martin Nørgaard Furze, John Volmer
3D: Martin Nørgaard Furze
Creative Director: Jakob Brunn
Agency: Yellow