Mon Dieu Debut Collection

Using religion to sell clothing


Clothes makes the man, as Mark Twain so eloquently put it. To such an extent that - now more than ever before - fashion & apparel have become God. And fashionistas worship their love brands with an almost religious ardor. With the rise of such celebrities as Nicky Minaj and Lady Gaga who rely heavily on clothing and fashion to market themselves, the high end clothing market has finally become almost synonymous with a religion. Thus a decision was made to say and do exactly that- market clothing as a religion.


“We have to start from the ground” (Thomas Moore). And so we did. Started small by exposing the brand to the underground party scene, sponsoring events, and having people wear the brand at these events. In total 1 collection was sold as a marketing stunt.


The first collection with 11 tees was picked by a small brand who sold the collection in their store.


Idea & Concept: Martin Nørgaard Furze
Art Director: Martin Nørgaard Furze
Copywriter: Martin Nørgaard Furze
Agency: No Sleep