The Ritual Rattle The Cage

Video and cover art.


In this droning age of online shopping and regular showering, it is vital we never forget what filthy, primal beasts we really are. To avoid snapping and suddenly murdering everyone around us with sharpened pencils and other office supplies, it’s necessary for us to channel our primal urges and commune with our inner heathens every now and then.


New-bloods on the Danish rock and roll scene The Ritual are the medium for just that. Drawing heavily upon the influences of Native American culture, their debut single “Rattle the Cage” is a ceremony of swampy riffs and pagan vocals that evoke the slumbering spirit of rock and roll, to embody both man and beast in a balls-out, rock-fueled pow-wow. See it, hear it, or see it while hearing it, and prepare to be left with your primal juices unbridled and flowing.


The campaign and subsequent video created a lot of buzz in the media channels we set out to reach. Among the features we got pick of the week by Vices Noisey.


Idea & Concept: Martin Nørgaard Furze
Art Director: Martin Nørgaard Furze
Photographer Stills: Lukas Renlund
DOP: Ulle Luv
Director: Martin Nørgaard Furze
Agency: No Sleep, LuvLuv

Awards & Recognition

Vice Noisey Premiere Pick of the Week Video