Volkswagen Vs. Tests

Tested in every impossible way


Volkswagen had an incredibly task ahead of them: Show their core audience that they had the roughest, toughest workhorse van in the game. The main reasons commercial vehicles are successful are in parts due to their features and uses in the demanding work contracting and construction is. Things like storage space, pull weight, door strength are among the things that the workers look for in a car, so we needed a way to show & prove those assets.


The usual images of dust, mud and extreme conditions wouldn’t alone win over the construction workers of the world. Instead we set out to test the cars capabilities in ways no one thought possible. To prove that this vehicle has been through every possible and impossible test imaginable. Riverdancers dancing on the vans doors, gymnasts vaulting into the back storage space and a telekinetic man testing the easy close side-doors using only his mind. All together 6 films that set the brand apart from the status quo and proved that the Volkswagen Transporter would rise to withstand it’s toughest challenge yet.


The Volkswagen Vs. Tests proved a hit among our audience, winning over loyal costumers that had previously preferred other brands and suaved first time buyers. 


Idea & Concept: Martin Nørgaard Furze, Kasper Dohlman, Michael Rud, Claus Walter
Art Director: Martin Nørgaard Furze, Kasper Dohlman
Copywriter: Michael Rud, Claus Walter
Agency: DDB & Subsero
Production: Octopus
Director: Klaus Spenser

Awards & Recognition

1X Creative Circle Award 2018 shortlist