Volkswagen The VWaiting Game

Incentivising the concept of waiting


Volkswagen had run out of their most popular car: The Polo. Furthermore this happened only a month before the launch of a brand new Polo. With bigger demand than supply, we urgently needed a way to keep the consumers interested and keep them waiting for the launch instead of just buying another car.


With the mobile concept The Waiting Game, we rewarded people for their patience, turning waiting time into a currency, thereby incentivising the concept of waiting. Every second of waiting counted as a lot in a draw to win the new polo and put you one spot ahead in the queue. All you had to do was to sign up, place your fingers on the screen and start waiting. But you had to use both fingers or the timer would stop.

The longer you waited the greater your chance of winning and the further your spot in the queue. While waiting you could learn about all the features of the new Polo, enjoy the new design, view pricing plans and even reserve the car on the spot. By retargeting we continuously kept the consumers informed and entertained during the production downtime. All while they kept their place in the queue and increased their chances of winning a free car.


The campaign turned a negative into a positive and in just three weeks more than 11.000 users signed up and waited for more than 36.000.000 seconds. Thats more than 10.000 hours, and an average of more than 53 minutes pr user. 345 users even reserved the car directly from the game. 


Idea & Concept: Zoe Sys Vogelius, Jesper Isholm, Martin Nørgaard Furze
Art Director: Zoe Sys Vogelius, Jesper Isholm, Martin Nørgaard Furze
Creative Director: Jesper Isholm
Agency: Subsero

Awards & Recognition

3X Danish Digital Award 2018 Shortlists

2X Danish Digital Award 2018 Silver Winner